Live Coding 0x2: Tuesday, October 8

Published on October 06, 2013

The first episode of Live Coding was a great success! There were ~35 viewers, great questions, and some good off-topic discussion, exactly what I was going for. Update: Check out the video for this event:

How do I join?

Click on the oversized logo, or head to

Let’s do it again!

The next episode will be at 12:30 PM PDT (30 mins earlier than last time). This time, we’ll be hacking on Akavache:

We’ll be adding a feature to add bulk operations to Akavache, so that inserting 100 objects into the cache takes one operation, not 100! We’ll talk design, figure out some implementation details, and dig into how Akavache works.

The Rules

  • Even though the feature is pre-announced, zero(*) of the code is pre-written. This isn’t a canned tutorial video, you’ll be watching me code everything live, including all of my dumb mistakes.
  • General RxUI, Rx questions and non-sequiturs are highly encouraged. Not only can you ask questions via chat, you totally should.

The more people chat, the more interesting it is. Come and talk shop!

Anaïs Betts

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