ModernHttpClient 1.0 is now live!

Published on October 31, 2014

ModernHttpClient, the wrapper library for OkHttp and AFNetworking just shipped version 1.0.

Download Version 1.0 Here

After an epic pull request, both the iOS and Android versions now correctly handle cancellation and returning headers early.

Cancellation and You

This is super important for Really Fast mobile apps - being able to cancel network connections is huge, as network bandwidth (and effectively, the number of concurrent connections you have available) is a limited resource. In-flight requests that aren’t actually needed anymore will prevent later, more urgent requests that are in response to user actions.

For example, if a user moves off the page as you’re fetching extra background data for that page, not trashing those requests means they’re getting in the way of loading the content the app is actually trying to display.

Previous versions of ModernHttpClient did not correctly handle cancellation or being able to fetch headers early, which can be used to make further decisions about whether to cancel a request (for example, if the request reports a “Not Changed” status code).

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