ModernHttpClient Pro Edition

Published on January 13, 2015

For Enterprises, a paid version of ModernHttpClient is now available, which enables using ModernHttpClient with self-signed TLS/SSL certificates. You can find this version in the Xamarin Component Store.

Download ModernHttpClient Pro

How do I use this?

ModernHttpClient Pro works exactly the same as the Free version, with an additional method to enable untrusted certificates:

var handler = new NativeMessageHandler();  

var httpClient = new HttpClient(handler);  

What about the free version?

The free version of ModernHttpClient will always continue to be developed, and in fact, have all of the features available to the paid version, with the exception of the ability to use self-signed TLS certificates; the only reason to use the paid version is because you are not using properly signed certificates on your servers (or if you want to contribute to ModernHttpClient development monetarily).


  • Do I need the Pro Edition for development?

No, you can use HTTP for development, or host your service on a machine with a correctly configured certificate

  • Aren’t TLS certificates expensive?

No, you can get them for as little as $10/yr, and many DNS providers and site hosts offer them for free, including Heroku.

  • What about my internal domain? I can’t get a cert for that!

Not true, you can set up your own Root CA / Public Key Infrastructure, and issue and revoke certificates in a secure way for your internal organization.

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